Dec 1, 2010

December AKA Battle Beasts Month & Contest!

That's right folks! Just as October 2009 was Be@rbrick Month, this year December will be known at ToydeJour as "Battle Beasts Month". We're ending 2010 with a bang; featuring a different vintage Battle Beasts figure every freaking day of the month!

And to celebrate, we're going to be giving away the Exclusive Battle Beasts figure by Diamond Select Toys from this year's c2e2 (featured here)!

All you have to do to win is any of the following:
  • re-tweet any of the daily's mentions of Battle Beasts posts (follow here)
  • "like" any of the Battle Beasts daily blog entries on Facebook or (click into blog entry to see the like button)
  • Google buzz any of the daily blog entries (buzz button is at the top right of each entry)
Doing any of these gives you a chance to win as the winner will be chosen at random from the people that do any of these. Doing one a day will increase your chance of winning, as would doing all three. Contest open to anyone, not just US citizens, so go crazy there in Brazil (we're huge in Brazil). Any questions concerning the contest will be answered here if they arise while it's running.


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