Dec 1, 2010

Battle Beasts Month Day 01 - Bighorn Sheep

Series: 01
Number: #26
Name: Bighorn Sheep
Weapon: Some sort of horn/axe/claw thing. (You'll notice I don't have weapons for my Battle Beasts) :(
My figure's allegiance (each figure could be any of the three faction symbols):

I'm guessing that the name "Blue Ram" was just out of the question. Bighorn Sheep gets the honor of being the first Battle Beasts figure for the month because as you may well know, I'm retarded for blue figures. Also, he's one of the seven figures that we have outside of the Transformers display case in the living room. So sometime in the next week we have to move that thing out and grab the rest of the figures for Battle Beasts Month. Guh.

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