May 23, 2013

Toy de Jour (261) - MotUC Fang Man

It's been a long time since I've been tempted to take a Masters of the Universe Classics figure out of his packaging. Fang Man had better watch out if I get bored while watching TV...

May 22, 2013

Toy de Jour (260) - TMNT Leatherhead 2013

Leatherhead is a good guy!? Wtf? And where's his Cajun get up? Oh wait. This figure is way cooler. Though he does suffer from the same lack of mobility/articulation. I guess since the bad guys are getting a ton of figures, it's nice to see the reptiles sticking together. 

It's become common practice with these new TMNT figures for them to have hollow parts whenever possible. I'm 100% for this as it's seemed to help keep their price at or below $10 per figure. Unlike those ever-shrinking "deluxe" Transformers that are now up to about $18 per figure at most retailers. Well done, Playmates!

May 1, 2013

GI Joe Figure Subscription Service 2.0 teaser image

The figures are;
A - Oktober Guard Dragonsky
B - Bombadier
C - Night Force Falcon
D - Tiger Force Marujo (Shipwreck)
E - Skull Buster
F - Tiger Force Air Puro (Airtight)
G - Tollbooth
H - Cesspool
I - Widescope & Lamont
J - Big Bear
K - Desert Scorpion
L - Admiral Keel Haul

There's a 13th figure that's shipped with the last two figures that the club doesn't reveal at all. Speaking of which, the 13th figure for the first subscription service will be shipping shortly...


Toy de Jour (259) - SDCC 2011 Exclusive Zarana, Cold Slither variant

There was a SoCal Noks shirt a few years ago that had a Cold Slither logo on the front with some tour dates on the back. Not saying that is where Hasbro got the idea for the deco on the SDCC variant, but it totally is. 

Remember the Roseanne episode where Darlene and Becky make Tornados? It was good. Hell, the whole series was good. Got weird in the last two seasons, but most people don't remember that. I felt bad that my Great Grandmother stuck with it to the end since it got all dark. But whatever, maybe she thought it was a fitting end. This figure is pretty rad.