Oct 28, 2011

Daily Shot 181 - Tie Fighter Pilot Kubrick

One Sentence Review - I LOVE TIE FIGHTER PILOTS!! (And AT-AT Drivers...)



Oct 21, 2011

Daily Shot 180 - Lom-boy

One Sentence Review: He must be stopped!


Oct 19, 2011

Daily Shot 179 - Ram-Man & his "twin"

One Sentence Review - Separated at birth!


Oct 10, 2011

King of Legoland video

Sean passed this my way this weekend.  I really like it, and definitely happy that they used broken toys too.

The King of Legoland from dunun on Vimeo.

Oct 5, 2011

Daily Shot 178 - Fin Fang Foom vs. Hulk

An epic, pavement-cracking battle, right outside of an expertly cropped-out Midas...


Oct 3, 2011

While you're waiting...

Since I'm being pretty lazy and not posting images, take this time to check out PlasticFetish.net. They've got some really cool stuff and great photography!