Oct 15, 2013

Toy de Jour (278) - Marx Disney figures (Donald Duck & Pinocchio)

For about the last two years or so I've really been into solid-color toys. I was super excited when I found the first of these two figures at Joe con this year in Indianapolis. I got Donald for in a junk box for pretty cheap and the Pinocchio we picked up at a weird flea market in Washington while driving to see the Kurt Cobain memorial park. 

Each character was made in numerous colors and they made a handful of figures so if you were going to collect all of them you'd have quite a lot of figures to hunt down in various colors. These are not too expensive on eBay, so I think we'll just pick these up when we see them in random spots. But nothing's stopping you from heading on over to eBay...

Oct 14, 2013

Toy de Jour (277) - G.I. Joe Kreon single packs (Wave 2)

So having the codes for the figures helps, but having a Toys R Us that refuses to stock anything doesn't. These figures have been out for quite some time and it took me approximately 500 trips to TRU to finally end up there on a day when they had stock these guys. I was able to snag one while in Rhode Island a couple weeks back (as well as an open Blowtorch that was at the register) but now after this haul I have all but the B.A.T. figure. Here's a few of the better figures from this wave.

Pictured are Snowjob, Mutt & Junkyard, Blowtorch, Ripper, Dr. Mindbender, Eels, Major Bludd and my favorite; Tunnel Rat. I should add, Major Bludd is a great figure too. A real surprise winner.

Jul 31, 2013

Toy de Jour (276) - Wolverine Shadow Strike Ninja

It's a very rare occurrence that I come across a toy in stores that I didn't know was coming out. The last time it happened I think it was the Beast Wars Mutants, and even then surprised me that I didn't know about it. And it just happened this week with this new Wolverine Shadow Strike Ninja figure. 

What makes this figure unique is that Hasbro used the basic idea behind a GI Joe figure (Storm Shadow/standard Ninja figure) along with the head sculpt to make the Shadow Strike Ninja. He's got limited articulation; head is on a ball joint, the shoulders and legs. He comes with a sword and a bow that he doesn't really like to hold. Pretty cool figure though, already displaying him with my Joes.