Dec 31, 2010

Battle Beasts Month Day 31 - Pungnacious Penguin

Series: 03
Number: #75
Name: Pungnacious Penguin
Weapon: Cuteness
My figure's allegiance:

We end Battle Beasts Month with the best figure in our collection; Pungnacious Penguin! He's short, he's cute, he's gonna cut a bitch if someone touches his fish. We may have picked the wrong month to do a collection as December is apparently one of the busiest times for people on Earth. Oh well, ya live and ya learn.

I want waffles.

Dec 30, 2010

Battle Beasts Month Day 30 - Major Moose

Series: 02
Number: #33
Name: Major Moose
Weapon: Golden Antlers?
My figure's allegiance:

Anyone get the joke in the last picture?

Dec 29, 2010

Battle Beasts Month Day 29 - Miner Mole

Series: 02
Number: #42
Name: Miner Mole
Weapon: A question mark.
My figure's allegiance:

Miner Mole. Major Asshole.

Dec 28, 2010

Battle Beasts Month Day 28 - Frenzied Flamingo

Series: 03
Number: #73
Name: Frenzied Flamingo
Weapon: Lookin' sharp with something sharp.
My figure's allegiance:

Probably the roughest, toughest Battle Beasts there is. Pretty much a boy named Sue...

Dec 27, 2010

Battle Beasts Month Day 27 - Rowdy Rooster

Series: 03
Number: #63
Name: Rowdy Rooster
Weapon: Double-edged spear
My figure's allegiance:

I think we all can agree that Gonzo is a bit confused. But who wouldn't swoon over Rowdy in that handsome light blue armor?