Dec 6, 2010

Battle Beasts Month Day 06 - Slasher Seahorse

Series: 02
Number: #45
Name: Slasher Seahorse
Weapon: Trident
My figure's allegiance:

I'm going to go ahead and guess that most Slasher Seahorses are missing their rub symbols just by the mere fact that I instantly wanted to put him in water. There's no metal parts, no hollow areas, just the poor old rub symbol that had to suffer for kid's insatiable need to dunk this guy.

Side note; the little bear in that fifth picture is actually what I used as Timber when I was a kid. I traded Chris Davis my 82 Cobra Trooper for his V2 Snake Eyes and I got the figure with all of his weapons, but I never got Timber. So I used some random bear figure that was close enough to scale. Years later I found this guy in a box of old stuff and he's ready for action again.

Lastly, I have NO idea what was going on in that last picture, I came in at the absolute worst time. Needless to say I turned around and got the eff out of there. Hope Mike's okay...

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