Jun 18, 2012

New York Trip - June 2012

We took a trip to New York for five days at the beginning of June and though we did a TON of stuff centered around comedy and a bunch of other touristy stuff, here's a summary of what all we did that was somewhat toy-related.

Right after getting food for the first time we realized that our hotel was dangerously close to Forbidden Planet, a large comic and toy shop right by Union Square. Not a lot here that you can't find other places and cheaper but it was the first time I spotted GI Joe Retaliation figures in the wild as well as the new Spider-man figures. We ended up just buying a couple Be@rbricks and one of those Doctor Who blind box figures (though we cheated and felt the bag to make sure we got a Dalek).

Someone printed the wrong dates on these posters! Moving on...

A couple days later we were treated to a private tour of 30 Rock including the news room for MSNBC,  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the SNL stages. Like ON the stages. It was crazy. There's pictures of that, but since they're not toy related-

Legoland NY. I'm not huge into Lego, but they did have the new series 7 of the blind box figures so I picked up a couple of those. I could see how Lego fans would love this store. A huge wall of random pieces sorted by color. That display alone was worth visiting the store for me. There's also giant sculptures mirroring those just outside in the Rockafeller plaza that are pretty impressive. The murals they have on the wall must have inspired someone because a bar we went to later had a mural of a gorilla with a shot glass on their wall. 

Since we were already sooooo close to Times Square, we headed over to Toys R Us. It was one of the hottest days of the year thus far and apparently the heat had taken it's toll on the air conditioning and TRU was a hot, sweaty mess. I hit up the Playmobil section to see if there were any figures from the series two blind box toys (there wasn't) and then checked out the GI Joes. I got one figure and another Lego figure. We felt really bad for the employees that have to act like they're having a great time while sweating through their uniforms. Also felt bad for dragging a couple of our friends into this hot madhouse filled with screaming kids. So we got the eff outta there. 

So the toy part of the trip was pretty much over with TRU, but we did get to visit Coney Island which had some pretty cool rides and creepy displays. Not much else worth mentioning on a toy blog. But I'm sure Liz would want me to show you guys this freaking faux chicken sandwich from Soy & Sake (nowhere near Coney Island but it gets lumped with it in my pictures). We ate there three days in a row and would have gone back again if we could have. OMG Crazy good. 

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