Jul 2, 2012

Toy de Jour (222) - c2e2 Exclusive Battle Beast

Diamond Select Toys gave out a free Battle Beast figure, one of the only reasons I wanted to visit the show. I was happily surprised to find that it was free, because I had actually budgeted to buy this (and really only this) at the show. But I got this, the free mini-comic, a free (HUGE) poster and a little promo card. I also got to see someone that I always enjoyed talking to about toys who I was happy to find out now works for DST. One of the best possible outcomes for going to pick up a single small figure.

The figure is a translucent red and comes with a sword that fits in a sheath on it's back and a shield. It's on the standard mini-mates buck but with lower legs, lower arms, head and shoulder cloth that are exclusive to this mold. The comic was good and a preview to a series by IDW that is probably in full swing by now. There's a lot of the old series showing through on both the comic and the figure, but I think if you're looking to re-live your childhood through Battle Beasts, you might want to wait to see how the rest of the line plays out before hunting this guy down on eBay.

Also... we've been buying a lot of older Battle Beasts figures lately and might do another Battle Beasts month. MAYBE.

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