May 14, 2012

Featured Toy Shop - Groovy (Pittsburgh, PA)

The first weekend of May we went to Pittsburgh with Musical of the Living Dead and it just so happened to be my birthday on that Saturday and it just so happened that there was a vintage toy shop about three blocks from the Rex Theatre where the show was. So we just so happened to go there and make a couple purchases.

It just so happened that the shop was super hot as was the rest of Pittsburgh that day and it just also happened that the store smelled more like it's name than it's product. You think vintage toy shop and you think dank and cold and possibly a moldy smell. Not Groovy. They refuse to turn on air conditioning and burn incense during business hours. I'd rather have the mold and the cold.

It was too hot to concentrate on actual hunting in the store so I just nabbed a Battle Beast and a M.A.S.K. figure that I was looking for and we got the heck out of there and back down to the air-conditioned theater. I assume they're cash only as every other business in Pittsburgh seemed to be, but I didn't bother to ask about using my card because I wanted the quickest transaction as possible. I really wanted to spend more time in there but it was quite unbearable. They have a GREAT selection, but go on a nice day so you actually have a chance to look around.

The Saturday we were there I had to make copies of the show's programs since we ran out the night before so when we got to the theater I ran down to Copies on Carson which was closing in 8 minutes at 6pm. When I got the copies done I ran across the street to visit the store again and it just so happens, they close at 6 as well. Aaaand they were closed on Sunday, the last day we were there. Definitely check the hours if you're driving 10+ hours to get there. 1304 East Carson Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (412) 381-8010. Right in the heart of the South Side, which if you're from Chicago, means something completely different.


Shawn Rua said...

Did you get paid for every time you wrote "just so happened"? This was such a horrible blog post.

Sam Wells said...

No, I didn't get paid to write "just so happened" numerous times in this post. I repeated that phrase to be funny. Though I think it may have been lost on you.

I'm sorry my blog post wasn't up to your standards.