Feb 20, 2012

Daily Shot 202 - Vinylmation figures (Sally & Urban Series 7 Chaser)

I've passed on these guys for the longest time, because I don't care to own vinyl versions of most Disney characters, but I saw something neat at the Disney store that made me interested in picking one up. The Disney store (in Chicago at least) had a case up front at the register that had three open figures that you could trade for if one of the blind box figures you got wasn't one that you liked. I picked up a figure from the Animation #2 (I got Tinkerbell) and quickly traded it for the neat looking (albeit beat up) Urban Series 7 Chaser figure by Doug Strayer. It's a pretty cool concept to let people trade out for figures that they can see, and that might even bring people back to the store to check out that display to see if there's anything in there that they want.

The only reason I picked up Sally is because I saw her very cheap somewhere else, other than the Disney store. I as a rule don't collection Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, though I like the designs.  I might end up selling these figures soon though.

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