Jan 21, 2014

Toy de Jour (285) - Monster High Webarella

Another SDCC exclusive - I picked up a Webarella when MattyColletor.com put them up for sale just to resell it as I know how crazy people are going for the Monster High stuff for the last few years. And while I was more than happy to turn this over for a quick profit, it was MattyCollector's shitty site and customer service that wound up selling me two of these "one per customer" dolls. Thanks to the reliable "white screen of death" that customers are faced with when Matty releases their items for sale, I got a double order placed. A white screen at every single click, which when buying three items makes it very very frustrating to complete the checkout process. 

But they wouldn't allow me to order two, right? I should probably email them and let them know that my order went through twice. That probably happens to people all the time. No big deal. 

Dear Sucker,

Thank you for contacting the All-Might MattyCollector.com online store.

Please note that MattyCollector.com does not accept cancellations, idiot. Once
an order has been placed it cannot be cancelled and the gates of Hell cannot be

closed once open! This applies to all orders, including subscriptions and black magic spells.

This is outlined in our returns and cancellations policy, located at:


If you do not wish to receive the shipment and you would like a refund,
you may refuse delivery. Good luck with that. I know I'm usually home when the UPS 

driver delivers packages. 

I was shocked but hey, if they were going to let me buy two of the figure that the rules clearly stated I could only purchase one of, who was I to disagree. 

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