Mar 16, 2013

Toy de Jour (256) - Monster Eye toys

We were recently on the road between Chicago and St. Louis and stopped at a fabric store (JoAnn's?) for something stupid. But while we were there we came across their toy section that focused mainly on tricking kids into doing crafts. Among all the crap was a bin of these Monster Eye figures that came in three different figure styles (wings, one horn or two horns) and three different color variations (blue, green and red) which would give you a total of nine different figures you could get. We picked our favorite of each and got the fuck out of there and I think burned the fabric store down. I don't really remember. 

Each figure has an eye that's a separate piece inside the toy that when you squeeze the back of the toy, the eye pops out but does not disconnect from the rest of the figure. These have a definite vibe to them that screams Madballs and probably will be highly sought after by off-brand Madballs fans. They're made by Toysmith and look like they're currently in production if they're dated 2012 and still in stores (somewhere in the middle of Illinois). 

Here's a couple shots of them set on top of a Tofu Kubrick figure's body. You know, just cause. 

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