Nov 25, 2012

Gormiti "Month" on TDJ (223)

We're kicking off 30 or so days of Gormiti figures here on TDJ. It makes more sense to start on the 1st of a month but I'm too impatient and we haven't posted in a while. So it begins now.

“Gormiti: The Invincible Lords of Nature" figures were released stateside in 2005 by Italian toy company, Gruppo Preziosi (Grani & Partners) and saw two series of figures. It looks like they're still releasing figures under the Gormiti name but not within the US. Gormiti figures are approximately 2" tall and feature no articulation. 

Gormiti figures were commonly released in packs of two or four in both series and each figure came accompanied with a trading card featuring that character. Each figure belonged to different tribes and the figures showed resemblance to their specific tribe.

There were efforts to push the brand with a video game, accompanying animated show and all the normal stuff used to drive toy purchases, but ultimately the Gormiti figures began taking up less and less space on toy shelves before hitting the clearance section. I like these little guys because they remind me of Battle Beasts with the different tribes similar to the Water, Fire and Wood factions. I have a feeling that these are going to be pretty sought after on the secondary market in years to come. 

We were lucky enough to grab a ton of these for super cheap at Toys R Us and left them carded until we did this review. Enjoy!

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