Oct 7, 2010

TDJ029 - MasterPiece Grimlock

Someone once said "You wrong, and you ugly, too!" That certain someone was none other than everyone's favorite robotic theropod; Grimlock. There is so much can be taken from that very simple sentence; anger, jealousy, self doubt... and yet he just meant that Megatron was incorrect and not very pleasant to run his optic sensors over. Well said, Grimlock.

You have to hand it to Grimlock, not many people can wake up the minute they're born and demand that they be the new leader of where ever they are. He obviously was the leader of all the other Dinobots (that goes without say), but he instantly wanted to be the leader of all the other robots around him. And he's not too far off on thinking that he should be.

Grimlock is one of the smartest Autobots (don't let those silly little tech specs fool you) and definitely one of the most powerful. He's got his own clique, and doesn't ever really feel the need to don his weaker robot form in the presence of others. Why look like a humanoid when you could walk around like a massive T-Rex? You got me there. I'd follow him if I had to choose between him a red semi truck.

Look at that, the guy even brought his own crown to the party! If that doesn't show that he's a leader and knows how to plan ahead, I don't know what is. The US Masterpiece version of Grimlock comes with the crown as one of his three accessories, whereas the Japanese version came with a few cartoon episode specific accessories such as an apron, serving tray and head scanner. The exclusion of this crown on the version that was released first has already taken its toll on boxes samples still sitting on Toys R Us shelves. I've spotted a poor ripped open box with the crown missing at the TRU near me and I suspect that this will continue to happen. Especially since the US packaging is clear thin plastic, as opposed to the box that the Japanese version came in.

As far as transformation, Grimlock is actually pretty easy. And I say this knowing that I not once transformed my Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure. He came out of the box and went straight into the display case. From what I hear, Optimus was pretty complicated, even featuring a faux truck facade while in robot mode. I guess it's a bit fitting for Grimlock to have the less complicated transformation when you think about it.

Grimlock felt it appropriate to bring his sword AND gun to the party, and its a good thing he did, both items light up when placed in his right hand. There's a button on the back of his shoulder that when pressed activates the light. One feature I'm really impressed with is the fact that you can change his eyes from red (comic) to blue (cartoon) by simply opening the top of his head and turning from one color to another in dino-mode and in robot mode flipping a small switch on the back of his head. A very little detail like this is a huge nod to fans and much appreciated by this one in particular.

Now all I have to do is figure out where to display him. He suggested melting down all of my other "dum-dum bots" and making a throne for him.

I think I'll just keep him on our DVD cabinet for now.

Look for Grimlock here and here.

Liz: I remember once when I was a kid I asked my grandma, "If we only know what dinosaurs look like this because of their bones, how do we know they were green and not purple or red?."

She answered: "How do we know they weren't fucking robots, you asshole?!"

This is how I grew up to be the creator of Grimlock the Transformer.

He's a Transformer, right?


Plastic/Material – 5/5
Poseability – 5/5
Packaging – 3/5
Design – 5/5
Playability – 4/5
Price (value) – 2/5
Overall – 4/5

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