Dec 13, 2009

TDJ023 - Voltron Vinyl by Toynami

Growing up in St. Louis I got the pleasure of watching Voltron on the local station, KPLR Channel 11. KPLR is owned by Ted Koplar, the president of World Events Productions - the company that brought Voltron to the States. So needless to say that I feel a very strong connection to Voltron, a sort of "hometown hero". Even if it's not known by most that the Defender of the Universe was born in sorts, in the StL. I didn't actually collect Voltron figures until I was much older, and its safe to say that I've owned pretty much everything that was released in the 80's toy line by now. I was a huge supporter of Voltron: The Third Dimension as I remember about ten years ago (holy crap!) Liz coming home from work with Jack in the Box and we'd watch this new version of Voltron while slowly killing ourselves with Ultimate Cheeseburgers and Bacon Potato Wedges. I'll leave that food stuff for Liz's part of the review...

I collected all of the 3rd Dimension toys and got all of the variations of Voltron that were being released by Trendmasters at the time. Only recently have I sold the bulk of my Trendmasters toys, and those mainly went to old Trendmasters employees that wanted pieces that they had worked on personally and hadn't had a chance to purchase at the time due to some weird company policy.

Though I'm not going to hold on to most of my Voltron items, I was really pleased to see Toynami's new Voltron vinyl figure at San Diego Comic Con this year (2009) and had my heart set on picking up the variant black version that is detailed with yellow accent lines. Unfortunately I wasn't able to grab either figure at the con and had to wait it out until recently when someone offered me the regular version (Thanks, Tiffany!). Of course I said yes - I was super excited to get my hands on this guy.

The figure is roughly 8 & 1/2" tall and comes in a clear plastic box - perfect for display if you don't want to open it. The sculptor is listed on the box which I really appreciate on a figure like this. And I have to say that Daisuke Fukuda did an amazing job. The detail is right on as is the color for this figure. The only downside to the figure I'd say is the limited articulation, which in a vinyl figure, isn't a huge deal. The red and green lions' mouths are not hollowed to allow for Voltron to hold weapons - not that he came with any, but I'd really like to give him a blow-pop or sword from another figure that I might randomly have laying around. However, it looks as if it'd be a very easy surgery to add this feature on my own.

I would really like a Vehicle Voltron to accompany this guy on the shelf. I feel he's a bit lonely and probably would like a brother in (lion/spaceship) arms. But considering how often our shelves at home fall due to excessive weight, maybe that's not such a good idea.

Robeast attack!!

I did just notice while writing this review that the package bears a sticker that states that there is a choking hazard and this toy should not hang out with kids under 3. However unless you count the twist ties that held him in the box, there are absolutely no small parts. I may be overlooking the small part of the community that have kids that can swallow an entire Voltron whole. You gotta watch out for those kids - they grow up to be Robeasts.

Find the Voltron Vinyl for sale here and here.


Liz: I'd like to add to something Sam said earlier that sparked my attention. What we would get from Jack in the Box was the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger Value Meals with large Cokes and then I would ADD Bacon and Cheddar Potato wedges.

Let me just get out in the open the elephant in the food; french fries. French fries come with the value meals.

One might say, "Liz, isn't that too much food for one person?!"

To which I would respond "No. It IS too much food for one Sam, however."

would carefully eat the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger and the Cheddar Potato wedges as to finish them at the same time. Then I would eat the fries for dessert...then I would stare at Sam's fries until he gave them to me.

PS- I used to dip my fries in mayo.

PS2- I used to be fat.

PS3 - Plays Blu-ray and Voltron would be on the TV

Plastic/Material – 4/5
Poseability – 2/5
Packaging – 4/5
Design – 5/5
Playability – 3/5
Price (value) – 5/5
Overall – 4/5

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Crowley said...

Wait... Liz was once fat?

How the hell could such a teeny tiny woman as Liz ever have been fat?