Sep 21, 2009

TDJ022 - BellHedz from Taco Bell

For there to be something to make me want to go to Taco Bell more than I normally do is a very rare thing. But when I saw on Vinyl Pulse that there was an outrage in the designer toy community regarding TB's new kid's toy which is/was a blind box vinyl toy I was out the door.

After two very VERY bad fails, we found the only TB in Chicago that was carrying them at the time the news hit online. And the all caps VERY was because of the first trip where I forgot to order the toys aaaand they put mayonnaise on my cheesy bean and rice burrito instead of sour cream. Do not visit the KFC/Taco Bell on Irving and California. They're a bunch of tards. I recommend the one on Clybourn north of Fullerton. They know what they're doing.

We bought five of these guys and they were all the Space Monkeys with two doubles being the same color. I don't mind that I got three of the same type, but the two that were the exact same color sort of bummed me out. I guess your average employee at TB doesn't care that these are blind box toys and that grabbing them from the same spot in the case probably means they're going to be the same style if not the same exact toys. So I've got two of the blue and I think two of the yellow. If anyone wants to trade, I don't have any others.

These figures are cheap in every sense of the word. Getting toys like this for only about $1.49-ish isn't a bad thing, even if they are lesser quality plastic with limited articulation. The only point of articulation is the head. Again, not bad for what you actually pay.

I mentioned the plastic feels a bit on the low end, but they really did an excellent job with the paint job on these. There's very small details that come across in each figure. One of the main down sides to these though is when my friend pointed out that they just look like little little condom head guys. And some how associated that with "Bell Hedz". Now I can't look at these things without thinking of condoms.

Well if your local TB hasn't sold out or isn't staffed with complete morons I'd suggest picking some of these guys up. I'm sure with how well they did that we'll probably see a second series of these things, hopefully with a modified bell head to less look like... yeah. Don't worry KidRobot, we will still give you $10 a piece for your blind box toys. Us poor folk just like a nice breather once in a while. Breather = cheaper toy.

Find BellHedz for sale here and here-ish.


Liz: What Sam left out about this wonderful trip to Taco Bell was that this was ALSO the day we discovered a new addition to the "Why pay More!" menu. (I'm sure Sam is itching to point out that Taco Bell punctuated that wrong.)

I present:

I know what you're thinking. "IS THAT BAJA SAUCE?!?!"

The answer is yes, my friend.

"How much," you ask?

Would you believe me if I told you SEVENTY NINE CENTS?!!!

I know what you're doing now. You're doing the math to see how much it would cost for you to have at least three of those a day for a month. I know, because that's the third thing I thought, as well.

The answer is 71 bucks. THINK ABOUT IT.

Plastic/Material – 2/5
Poseability – 1/5
Packaging – 3/5
Design – 4/5
Playability – 3/5
Price (value) – 5/5
Overall – 3/5

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krakit said...

Woot! Bellhedz are fun for sure!