Apr 9, 2009

TDJ018 - Infinities Darth Vader figure

I believe I've made it apparent now that I am a sucker for repaints. The Faker review was enough proof of that. So when I was in my crappy local TRU a few weeks ago I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the Star Wars comic pack #11 that featured an all-white Darth Vader with a tiny Princess Leia figure. I debated about buying it so I put it back (hid in an overhead compartment) and returned a week or so later with Sean. Since it was still there I now had the dilemma of either getting that comic pack or that sweet blue (repaint again) Ironman 3 inch figure.

Let's hold... *kkcuuuu* hands.

Ultimately Darth Vader won. When buying toys and dealing with a debate like that, you have to figure out which one of those would win in an actual fight. Sorry Ironman, you'll just have to wait. So after being too busy for a while, I was finally able to open the pack and get some pictures of Vader. First off, let it be said that some things are better left unopened. Pandora's box, spam attachments, Titanium Series War Within Megatron (leave him MIB!) and now this Darth Vader figure can be added to the list. The bastard is very hard to stand and suffers from the classic Star Wars articulation, updated to make it seem like there's better movement but ultimately just makes for some awkward stances.

I wish I would have left him sealed like I've done with the MacQuarie concept figures but it was very hard to resist having this guy loose. I really don't own any loose Star Wars figures so I'm not even really sure where to display him. Probably going into a box on the back porch or the closet where toys go to "die" (take up space/become forgotten until I do an eBay sweep).

So the reason behind the white version of this Sith Lord is explained in the Dark Horse comic that was included in this package. In this, the fourth issue of Star Wars: Infinities, it's revealed that in an alternate universe that it's Opposite Day all the time (cept on Opposite-Opposite Day). Up is down, write is rong and black is white. It got really confusing with sentences like "Obi-Wan NEVER thought as you DON'T. You DO know the power of the LIGHT Side, I MUSTN'T obey YOUR SLAVE. " And don't even get me started on Yoda. I couldn't understand what the fuck that little bastard was saying.

In this universe Anakin NEVER orders spaghetti.

But yeah, Vader fought on the side of good. Which means a new piece of plastic for people to buy. Enter sucker #Sam. I still don't understand why he kept his red lightsaber should have been teal also. So no matter how cool it is to see Vader's dials in teal and gray and his beautiful purple eyes, I'd say just enjoy these pictures and leave the toy itself hanging on the peg. Which no one will... IT'S A WHITE VADER!

Much like old dog poo...

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Liz: Sam, I honestly don't know why anyone would give a Klan member a light saber. You're just asking for trouble.

Plastic/Material – 4/5
Poseability – 2/5
Packaging – 4/5
Design – 4/5
Playability – 2/5
Price (value) – 3/5
Overall – 2/5

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