Oct 14, 2008

TDJ013 - Pelėda wind-up by Nathan

Last year as many of you know I was pretty bummed at the lack of crap I picked up while at San Diego Comic Con. I walked out of there with the Destro exclusive, a paper craft figure and a plate. Not an awesome haul. Though it was very easy to travel with only three extra things in my bag. It was apparent this year that I was taking that out on my luggage as I came back with an entirely new dufflebag filled with tons o' exclusives and neat things me and Liz spotted here and there.

Liz and I usually hold on to most of our moneys until we get to the very far east end of the hall where that awesome Japanese toy dealer sets up. We take a long time staring at all the 400% Be@rbricks that we can't afford and usually end up spending 30 each on blind box stuff or if we're lucky something cool out of the case.

This year Liz picked up the vinyl Obama figure, we got a couple blind box items for people and I couldn't keep my eye off of the Pelėda boxes that were on one of the shelves up near the front. The art on there is really mesmerizing and there were no open packages around to see what the toys actually looked like. We grabbed all of our purchases and went to the overly annoying sales person that was making it very clear to everyone that he was just watching that area for someone and didn't normally work the register. I asked him first if there were any open samples of the owls and he preceeded to explain to me the concept of the blind-box toy. After that thirty minute lecture I finally asked the actual sales person when they returned and was told that they in fact didn't have any open samples. I had never seen or heard of these before so my curiousity was enough to make the purchase.

I was a little stand-offish since this was the most I had ever paid for a blind box at $10, but I'm very glad I did. Once we were back at the hotel room for the night I opened the figure to see what I had gotten. I was a bit thrown back that it was a solid color and not like the art on the box itself. I've since grown to really dig the solid color scheme and wish I would have picked up more. Though I do really like this color the most, there's couple others that I like the design of more so than this one. But this one is really cool cause it looks like it's wearing an owl hoodie. Now I want an owl hoodie. Anyone out there crafty?

As far as wind-up toys go this one has it's moments. I've seen it go for a bit stop and you have to do that supportive tap to get it going again. The figure's not too big and fits nicely on the smaller shelves that we have for our other blind box toys. Though it's pretty obvious that it would rather be perched up on high somewhere watching over all the other plastic residents of our house.

While writing this post I found out that there was an exclusive Pelėda for both the NYCC and SDCC this year where they were actually painted, not just one color. I'm probably going to see if I can find those for cheap enough to give this guy a friend or two. I would definitely like to have each of theses guys but like all blind box toys, doing that is a lot harder said than done...

Knock Knock.

-Who's there?


- Pelėda who?

Pelėda Who!


Find Pelėda wind-ups for sale here and here.

Liz: Let's hang owls together.

Plastic/Material – 5/5
Poseability – 1/5
Packaging – 5/5
Design – 5/5
Playability – 2/5
Price (value) – 3/5
Overall – 4/5

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