Aug 20, 2008

TDJ - TERROR! Late "breaking" news...

As is custom with, we have experienced yet another tragedy. Late last night while trying to convince our fatter cat, Roary that pooping in the litter box is preferred over pooping on the rug at the front door, we started hearing a weird creaking noise coming from the wall along the couch.

Liz was sitting on the couch as I asked her to keep an eye (hand) on Roary to keep him in the litter box until he understood, while I went to the other side of the room to the bathroom to wash my hands. Standing at the sink I got a clear slow-motion shot of the shelf as it made a loud crackling noise and fell just to the right of Liz.

The shelf JUST missed taking Liz with it as it fell half on and half off of the opposite side of the couch where she wasn't sitting. I'm guessing that the weight of all the items I had on the shelf was just too much even with the drywall anchors that we had fastened in. Liz guessed that I had pissed off the Wall-Gods.

So of what fell, most everything just suffered dings and dents, EXCEPT for all of my G.I. Joe mini-busts which took the brunt of the fall. Headless Scarletts & Baronesses everywhere!

Needless to say, Roary will never poop in the litter box ever again. Thanks, Wall-Gods.

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