Mar 26, 2008

TDJ009 - Casinobots by Emson Inc.

I'm watching Reno 911 right now and it's really hard to concentrate to write this review. So one of the best things about living in Chicago is the store, Uncle Fun on Belmont. They have an ever rotating stock of really odd toys and I can almost always find something to spend my lunch money on. This time I came across three of the four Casinobots from the Convertibles line. Unfortunately "Slot Machine" was not present for me to purchase. I did however, get to pick up "Pin Ball", "Roulette Robot" and "Cashier Robot".

I'm now haunted and taunted by the "Collect 'Em All" that the package boasts right under the Convertibles logo. Damn you Casinobots, I tried! But just as the many trips to Toys R Us and Children's Palace went as a youngster, I flipped through the peg only to find all but one of the figures in the line. I guess "Slot Machine" is the Snake Eyes of the Convertibles world. I'll probably have to pick up a version 2 Slot Machine, when he's released with a sword.

But for now, I'm happy with the six dollars that were spent picking up the figures I did get. I think these guys make a pretty good addition to the rec-room that my other Transformable figures have set up. I know that when Liz stumbled out of bed Saturday morning that she had no clue that Pin Ball was actually a Casinobot in Masquerade ™ . But by her fourteenth game she figured out that the bonus ball was never granted and that the high-score didn't change so she went back to bed. You can tell how scared Pin Ball was in the picture because he didn't transform all the way and had his head turned facing forward to keep his eyes on her from time to time.

I've decided that these guys need better names than the ones that Emson, Inc. came up with so here's my list, along with a quote from each Casinobot.

Roulette Robot = Drop Luck - "Always bet on... ME!"
Slot Machine = Payline - "Cherry, Cherry... DIE!"
Cashier Robot = Cha-Ching! - "Keep the Chaunge!"
Pin Ball = Tilt - "Look at my balls!"

As you'll see throughout the reviews that are featured here, I have a soft spot for bootleg or knockoff toys. With such toys you'll realize that the imitators are often the innovators and have to go above and beyond what is held as the normal standard for a toy in it's category, just to earn some peg space next to it's main-stream counterpart. I hope that made sense to you, it totally did in my head.

So here's a small breakdown on each of the Casinobots. Roulette Robot (Drop Luck) has a very sturdy build for a cheaper transforming toy and in robot mode reminds me a bit of a primate with the long arms and thick torso. He has mostly plastic parts but features a metal spinner for the roulette portion of his body. The transformation is quick and easy, however when transformed he just sits on the ground. Obviously if you're playing roulette, you want the game to be elevated on the table so he should have been designed with some table legs in mind. The ball actually spins inside so you're able to gamble with him even if you've been banished from all of the local casinos.

Cashier Robot (Cha-Ching!) looks like he'd be the renegade of the group. He respects the leader (by the way I made Roulette Robot the leader) but he thinks that he can do a better job if just given the chance. The figure has a nice robot mode though he doesn't have the same range of motion that the other two. In cashier mode there's a switch that releases the cash drawer. The screen on the register also boasts "Super Model". So either this is the best version of this cash register or the super model that was being purchased only costs $19.50. I doubt we'll ever know.

Pin Ball (Tilt) has the best robot mode head out of all three of these guys. His green eyes look like he's excited to see whatever at all times. Seems like he'd always be really excited to hear whatever story you were telling him. He super cares about that speeding ticket you got out of on the way to the party. The pinball machine features "Space Wars" and even has a knock off X-Wing and StormTrooper. One note of interest is that Pin Ball has a 2 sticker on his torso. Roulette Robot has a 3 and Cashier Robot has a 4.

I'm tired. So these guys are great. I suggest picking them up if you see them, and good luck finding them online, apparently casinobots means something else on the internet. And not too many people are happy about them. If only they could meet these guys, they'd surely change their tune. Me, I'm going to spend my next few weeks looking for the ever elusive Slot Machine to finish off my casino. I've already done all the paperwork, so this is the last hurdle really. Wish me luck!

Try to buy Casinobots here and here.


Liz: When I stumbled out of bed Saturday morning I knew all along that Pin Ball was actually a Casinobot in Masquerade ™ . By my fourteenth game I noticed I got the high-score because it didn't change. Not too shabby. I was tired from all the vodka I ate for breakfast so I went back to bed. You can tell Pin Ball had a total crush on me because he didn't transform all the way (he totally had a boner) and had his head turned facing forward to keep his eyes on me from time to time.

  • Plastic/Material - 3/5
  • Poseability - 2/5
  • Packaging - 4/5
  • Design - 4/5
  • Playability - 5/5
  • Price (value) - 5/5 ($2 each)
  • Overall - 4/5

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GavinR said...

I had a roulette robot! I like pinball the best. Pretty sweet.