Jan 2, 2008

TDJ003 - Clamp Champ Staction Figure by NECA

Xmas was very good to us this year - and TDJ is reaping the benefits. Thanks to Matt and Megan for this entry.

For the third ToydeJour review, we're taking a look at the one and only, "Heroic Master of Capture" from the mini-statue line (or "Staction Figures") from NECA. For those of you unfamiliar with the Masters of the Universe line of mini-statues, around early 2004 the highly detailed line of MOTU action figures sculpted by the Four Horsemen was canceled by Mattel. In order to keep giving the fans all of the characters and variations that weren't released in the toy line, NECA & the Four Horsemen kept the line alive by releasing statues at the same scale as the figures. Thus the term "Station Figure" was born. And at only about 20 bucks for the non-exclusive statues, they're accessible to the casual fan as well as the hard core collectors.

Clamp Champ is definitely a third string character from the MOTU line and usually over looked in most collections and recollections. The original figure was released very late in the 80's toy line and by that time many kids had abandoned the brand, therefore most never had Clamp Champ in their collections. This figure was released as part of the second series of statction figures along with Stinkor and Grizzlor.

Clamp Champ has the standard stance that most of the other statues have featured and frustratingly (& obviously) enough also lacks any sort of articulation. The accessories, two clamping capture devices or "power pinchers", fit perfectly into his molded hands and have a very commanding appearance once equipped. The clamps have clear soft plastic tubing connecting them to the large black backpack. The same tubbing comes out of the back of his belt and run down to both ankles. These are a nice touch and add the little something extra that tends to make a figure stand out from the others in the series.

The figure has peg holes in the bottom of both feet in order to have him attach to the standard figure stand that each one of these staction figures comes with. He stands very well on his, not too common for these figures - a lot of them tend to lean (you know who you are, Hordak).

Clamp Champ joins his brother-in-arms Zodac as the second African-Eternian (??) character in the MOTU line. Though Zodac underwent a skin tone change between the classic line of figures and the newer release.

In Clamp Champ's first appearance in one of the classic MOTU mini-comics he like to spell Clamp with a "K" as well as speaking for others.

So to sum up all the useless information I just gave you, the figure holds up to the rest of the MOTU line and makes a great display piece - considering there's not much else you can do with him other than display. I'm gonna go eat a rye bread roll now. You can go check out Clamp Champ on eBay and Bigbadtoystore.com.


Ok. My turn. This is Liz. I would also like to take this time to thank Matt and Megan for this thing we got. I don't know as much as Sam about this thing. This thing is was on our tv, then on out coffee table and now it is under one of our Xmas trees. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I think he's a black dude.

Yes, our trees are still up.

  • Plastic/Material - 5/5
  • Poseability - 1/5
  • Packaging - 4/5
  • Design - 5/5
  • Playability - 1/5
  • Price (value) - 5/5
  • Overall - 4/5

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Crowley said...

the best thing that ever happened to my stupid Hordak was the day we added the mic to that SOB.

Now he looks like he's singing "Simply Irresistible"