Nov 14, 2007

TDJ001 - Kill Bill Be@rbrick 400% by Medicom

For our first review, we've chosen the 400% Kill Bill Be@rbrick by Medicom. This piece was originally sold in Japan in 2004 at the WF toy show. The official product number given by Medicom is 000KB400, and was also available in a blood splattered version.

Liz gave me this for X-mas in 2005, along with a power drill... a pretty good year if you ask me.

I really like this Be@rbrick, and all Be@rbricks for that matter. I don't however, enjoy having to type the "@" symbol in the middle of a word. But that can just be expanded upon on

Liz has collected Be@rbricks since series 3 I believe, something picked up by her and our old roommate Matt. I love to feed into the collection any chance I get, though I'm not too into the whole blind box thing - I like to pick them up when I think about it from the comic shop or wherever for her.

So getting one myself was a nice surprise. The figure displays great and we keep it on a shelf with it's box, just on the off chance that someone would have trouble placing the yellow jumpsuit motif - or mistakenly call it a Bruce Lee figure. ;)

Though it's not displayed with our other Be@rbricks, you can just imagine the fear that they all feel seeing this big guy (or girl mind you) leering at them from across the room. It's from the 400% series of Be@rbricks, which means it's 4 times the size of a regular Be@rbrick, those being from the 100% series. I know that there are larger Be@rbricks than the 400% series, but I believe for normal retail this is as large as they get.

The last picture in the set is of our cat, Shadow laughing at something ridiculous that this thing said when I first got it. I don't speak Japanese so I have no clue what it was. I'm sure it had something to do with how dirty our house is.

For those of you interested in this figure you can check eBay here. I'll try to post links to either sites that have the figure(s) for sale or at least an eBay search for them.

Liz - I know I said that Liz would (and will) be commenting on these, but she's sleeping right now so she'll have to catch up on this one. She did take the photos though. Must have been tiring.

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most funnest day ever said...

That picture with shadow KILLS me!